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A different approach

Tell us your "needs" and "wants" and let us undertake the search for you.

Our approach to real estate is different: The best customers, our customers, are those who are not hurried to buy and have no time to waste visiting properties that does not match their search criteria and expectations.

Regarding buyers and tenants:

  • We take note of your "needs" and "wants", and undertake the search for you, so that you only invest time considering properties that best matches your search criteria.
  • Whenever possible, we will contact you before the property gets listed so that you are the first to see it. If we avoid listing it, the better.
  • We will keep informing you about opportunities that fit your search criteria until you find the right property.

If you are a homeowner who wants to list a property for sale or to rent:

  • Before listing the property for sale (or to rent) we will undertake a free market research to determine the right listing price.
  • In the case of rentals, we will gather all the relevant information from prospective tenants, so that you can count with enough information to assess all the offers and make the right decision.
  • Non-exclusive exclusivity: We will encourage other agencies to bring prospective buyers, subscribing collaboration agreements with them. Our commitment with you is selling your property for the best price and the sooner possible. For that purpose we ask you to grant us the coordination of the selling process in an ordered way, being your only direct intermediary and making use of a Visitors' Log Book.

Our team


A network of independent RE agents, small RE agencies, relocation services and RE legal advisors

Home Hunting Barcelona (M3591681) is the trademark of Frank Pulido, real estate agent registered at AICAT (Catalonia) under the number 6670 (API Nº 2077).

Convinced as I am that the only asset of a real estate agent is his reputation, I have started building a network based on collaboration rather than competition... Who have been invited to join? Real estate Agents and small Agencies as well as relocation services and real estate lawyers.

Property owners may choose their preferred intermediary but the best customer not always show up from his/her hand. So, building a network of trustworthy and professional collaborators is mandatory when your main objective is serving your client the best possible way.


Real estate sales.

The fees for sale transactions are covered by the selling party and are calculated on a percentage of the actual selling price (+VAT).

Home Hunting Barcelona maintains collaboration agreements with other intermediaries who could intervene on behalf of the buying party, sharing fees. Normally, the commitment to the selling party is a "non exclusive exclusivity" or "shared exclusivity", being Home Hunting Barcelona the only valid interlocutor with the property owners and who coordinates the visits, but allowing the intervention of other agents who can help to sell the property in the shortest time and best possible price.

Real estate rentals.

In the case of RENTALS the brokerage fees are assumed by the TENANT and correspond to 10% of a rental annuity (+VAT). The costs of drawing up the lease are covered by this amount.

IMPORTANT: The tenant is a "taxable person" of the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP), which in Catalonia corresponds to 5 per 1,000 of the total lease payable during the entire duration of the contract. Since the lessor (property owner) is jointly and severally liable for the payment of this tax, the lessee (tenant) will contribute to the lessor the amount corresponding to this tax on the date of signing the lease, stating the said contribution in the contract. Home Hunting Barcelona will assist the lessor in preparing the "form 600" for settlement in any banking office collaborating with the Catalan Tax Agency.

In general, the costs to be incurred by the tenant when signing the lease are as follows: 1) Intermediation fees, 2) First month of lease (or proportional part), 3) Guarantees (including legal guarantee to be deposited in INCASOL), and 4) Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP).

Likewise, we will assist the lessor in the deposit of the guarantee deposit in the Catalan Institute of the Land (INCASOL).

Business transfers.

The business transfer transaction fees are calculated on a percentage of the effective price of the assignment (+VAT). These fees are agreed with the ASSIGNOR in an intermediation contract. The fees to be paid by the ASSIGNEE shall be the same as those corresponding to the ASSIGNOR.


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